Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. System Requirements
  3. 3. Browse Tool
  4. 4. Search Tool
  5. 5. Select Tool
  6. 6. Adding/Updating Maps
  7. 7. Where to go for More Information


Welcome to MapCo! This system allows for the viewing and printing of public domain PLAT map images (in PDF format) for Beaufort County, NC. Administrators may also manage the existing maps via this system.

There are several different tools available for use in order to view specific maps. Depending on your reason for viewing, you may find a certain tool to be more useful than others. Please familiarize yourself with the three main tools in order to best decide which will be most helpful. If in doubt, we recommend using the browse tool. Note that the three tools are available by hovering over "Search Maps" in the navigation system at both the top and bottom of each page on this site or are accessed by touching the menu button on mobile devices.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to view/print Beaufort County NC PLAT Maps include the following:

  • • An Active Internet Connection
  • • An Internet Browser with JavaScript Enabled
  • • A PDF document reader
  • • A printer that is configured to communicate with the device running the browser.

Note that the system should run on most devices with different operating systems and browsers, though was initially developed using desktops/laptops running newer versions of Windows or Apple OS X.

MapCo recommends using Google Chrome due to it having the best support for the newest web languages/versions. It's free for download for many systems.

MapCo recommends using Adobe Reader for the viewing and printing of PDF files, though any program that can read the PDF format should work.

*** Important Note: The MapCo system combines images and creates thumbnails along with PDF documents on-the-fly based on user input and is system-intensive in this regard. If using a mobile device and/or have a slow Internet connection, you may notice latency and potentially, system time-outs. If experiencing this repeatedly, MapCo recommends instead using a desktop or laptop with a high-speed Internet connection. ***

Please forward any error reports or other technical concerns to us.
You have our thanks in advance for helping us to improve our software!

Browse Tool

This tool was designed to best accomodate any or all user types. Whether you're a county employee, an administrator of Beaufort County PLAT Maps, or merely an individual browsing the public PLAT maps of Beaufort, this tool should meet your needs. It will display all of the current PLAT Map Books and associated Pages that are available as listings of map and page links. Simply hover your mouse/cursor over "Search Maps" and click "Browse by Book & Page." (If on a mobile device, press the navigation menu icon and then select the sub-item "Browse by Book & Page.")

If having difficulty, you can click to open the Browse Maps page in a new browser tab.

When you go to the Browse Maps page, you'll see a listing of all current map BOOK IDS that are available.
(Note: if you don't see your specific map book included in these links, it probably has not yet been entered into the system.)
1. Simply click on a MAP BOOK ID to see the associated PAGE IDs. (These should appear just below the Map Book IDs.) 2. Click on the PAGE # link to have the system load the thumbnail images of your selected page id. The system will combine all images/sheets for that specific book and page into a PDF file that can be downloaded and/or printed. To do so, simply click on any of the thumbnail images. This will open A NEW TAB/BROWSER WINDOW and allow you to save and/or print that file.

Search Tool

This tool is often the best choice for map administrators and for users that need to view/print a specific map AND have the following information:

  1. 1. The exact map BOOK id # (for example: MB01 or PCD)
  2. 2. The exact map PAGE id # (for example: 0001 or 0137)

This tool can be accessed under the "Search Maps --> Search for a Specific Map" menu item.
If on a mobile device, this is accessed using the menu icon.
If all else fails, you can open the search tool here.
Can't find your specific book/page combination or are having trouble viewing it despite knowing it exists? Please let us know about it! We thank you for taking the time to contact us with your concern and will get back to you with any useful information after we look into the particular issue. Helpful/relevant information would include the specific map Book, the map Page, and any specific error messages recieved or any system-specific information (device, operating system/version, browser type/version) that you may be able to provide.

Select Tool

This tool is similar to the browse tool, though will display all of the current PLAT Map pages that are available as options in the top select box (drop-down menu) and then will populate the second (lower) drop-down (select box) with the corresponding pages that are available for that book.
There are only a few simple steps to follow:

  1. 1. Mouseover/press the main navigation menu item "Search Maps" ( on mobile), then choose "Select from a list." Or just click here.
  2. 2. Enter the BOOK ID/# (for example: MB03)
  3. 3. Enter the PAGE ID/# (for example: 0087)
  4. 4. Click the "Search Maps" button.

If that book/page combination exists, you should see images and other data associated with that map after the page finishes loading.

*** Applicable to ALL TOOLS: If you see the load symbol, be sure to be patient, as it can take a few seconds to load and compile all images, files and data. Please make us aware of any issues, providing as much device/system/browser information as you can along with any specific error messages. Thanks! ***

Add / Update Maps (Administrators Only)

Note: This section only applies to map administrators
To add OR TO OVERWRITE a current PLAT Map, you should first have ALL of the following:

  1. The MAP BOOK ID # (Or if this is a new book, ensure to follow the naming convension.)
  2. The MAP PAGE ID # (Again, please follow the convension, 0001, 0002, 0003, etc.)
  3. PDF file(s) containing the PLAT map image(s). Note that the images can be in seperate PDF files and can be uploaded through the system individually, though it is important to ensure that the TOTAL SHEETS field (along with all other fields) are input properly for each. (For example, I have 7 PDF files. Each file contains 1 image. Each file is saved on my local computer given a different filename. I upload EACH FILE through the system and while doing so I enter THE SAME BOOK AND PAGE NUMBER along with the number 07 EACH TIME for TOTAL SHEETS. This way, the system knows that the files are associated with that specific book and page, and that it contains X amount of sheets.

Simply click the button to upload once you have entered all of the information (Map BOOK, PAGE, TOTAL SHEETS in PDF, and the LOCATION of the PDF file to upload/add to the system.) Note that the name of your PDF file on your local machine DOES NOT MATTER. Your PDF file will be RENAMED based on your input for the necessary fields.

Please contact us with any concerns. Know that the more information you can provide about your device/system/browser, along with any specific errors, the better we'll be able to help you resolve the issue. Thanks!

Where to get More Information

Please first ensure that you have thoroughly read through this tutorial in order to resolve the most common issues. If you are an employee of the Beaufort Register of Deeds, please contact your supervisor first to see if they know of that particular issue. If not, please email us ensuring to include as much device/system/browser information that you can provide, along with specific error messages. We thank you for helping us to constantly improve our software and look forward to helping resolve your particular problem. We thank you for using MapCo.